Our core focus is to create growth opportunities for our members through various initiatives. Various events and training initiatives will be taken up in the interest of the registered members. An attempt will be made on a regular basis to coordinate with the government bodies to facilitate an opportunistic ecosystem for the growth of the companies in the state.


  • To create a common platform for representation of the technology community at large all over Goa, as a non-profit organisation, to various forums, suppliers, and
    government and to be a place where the issues of the said community at large will be discussed.
  • To lay down the ethics and standards promoting the interests of the Technology community at large ensuring that they continue to make an essential and ever-increasing contribution to the nation promoting science and technology.
  • To create a forum for General Business related problems and questions and to solve the same by coming together in a co-operative manner.
  • To benefit the Goan Technology community by creating guidelines and knowledge to help in promoting their technologies, increasing productivity & business ethics, to stimulate business and industrial activity.
  • To benefit the community by establishing sound business practices between members of the Goa Technology Association members.
  • To question business practices that are harmful and extravagant; to make it possible for the small entrepreneur to grow in the Technology Industry and to compete with the established; to encourage research in the field of science, technology, market and the industry and to serve society by meeting social responsibilities as a non-profit organisation.
  • To establish a common platform in building and sustaining the prestige of the Goan Technology community and to serve as a spokesman against unwarranted attacks or restrictions on the said community.
  • To establish a forum where representatives of the community, distributors, principals, manufacturers, related agencies and Government can meet on mutual ground and examine problems of mutual concern.
  • To become a forceful advocate of the communities interests before the State and Central Governments, Industrial forums, the Media, judicial or non – judicial bodies and to do everything that is necessary to protect and advance interests of its members and the community at large.
  • To offer effective co-operation and liaison with Government officials and bodies for the purpose of broadening their understanding of the role of the Technology community and it’s agencies.
  • To make representations, to lead delegations and to deal with the subjects that affect the interest of the Technology community and find ways and means of solving the problems and difficulties, through open dialogue with all stakeholders.
  • Encourage members to provide world-class quality products, services and solutions across India and the overseas and help build brand equity for the Goan Technology community.
  • To hold seminars and symposiums for disseminating any knowledge relating to technology or any related products.
  • To develop a progressive mindset to educate and equip members to identify new opportunities on the horizon and face threats and challenges.
  • To identify and promote such business practices that would help members to strengthen business ethics and improve management skills professionally.
  • To perform activities to educate/enhance quality of service offerings of the members of the activities.
  • To keep the members informed in case of new opportunities in the Software industry.
  • To develop a platform to enable networking amongst members to collaborate & deliver solutions.
  • In connection with main objects of the association, awareness to be done and in view of the said aims, committees to be established and do the management and execution of the same.
  • For the fulfilment of the aims and goals of the association, co-operation of other associations or societies to be taken and accordingly work together with them.
  • To ensure with any person or company against losses damages, risks and liabilities of any kind which may affect the Association including its office bearers either wholly or partly.
  • For the association’s aims and ambitions work to be done, to accept gift and donations from any person, firm, corporate body, an association of persons and trusts.
  • To enter into agreements and contracts with Indian or foreign individuals, companies or other organizations for technical know-how, financial or any other assistance to be given or to be taken for carrying out all or any of the objects of the association.
  • To purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire and otherwise howsoever acquire any immovable or movable property, patents, licenses, rights and privileges which the Association may think necessary or convenient for the purposes of its objects and in particular any land, tenements, buildings and to pay for same either in cash or in securities and to sell, hire, let on lease or under lease or otherwise deal with or dispose of or grant right over any immovable or movable property, patents, licenses, rights, and privileges, belonging to the Association. To collect and circulate amongst the members information on all matters affecting the Technology community and to print and publish, issue and circulate, such papers, periodicals, books, circulars and other materials relevant, as may be seen conducive to any of these objectives using Internet, Website, E-Mails and any such technology as deemed necessary.
  • For the welfare of the association and aims and ambitions to be fulfilled, the association may take necessary steps in the general course.
  • To impart the knowledge of changes in the various acts, and the rules made thereunder in respect of business-related matters from time to time by arranging periodical meetings, seminars, workshop, etc. on various acts.
  • To arrange regular interactive sessions between members for sharing views and knowledge base and to update members on the industry dynamics.
  • To optimize the interactions between the members of the association for mutual growth.
  • To provide a platform as well as support to ensure the socio-economical growth of all the members of the association and the nation at large.
  • To address grievances of members.
  • To make effort for the welfare of members of the association and for the smooth operation of their business.
  • To work for the interest of the Technology community at large.